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Fundamental Project Management


Design for people who want to build their skills in project management and anyone interested in a career in development project management. This course will teach participant the most important concepts in project management, such as the project life-cycle, process management, roles and responsibilities of a project manager, organizational structures, program and portfolio management and use of various management techniques. 


Participants will gain the following : 

  • Understand the principles of Project Management
  • Understand the 6 constraints of Project : Time, Cost, Quality, Scope, Risk, and Resources
  • Able to apply 5 Project Management Process in their real project activity.
  • Identify the Interpersonal and Management skill to be a successful project manager
  • Collaborate effectively through in-class workshops and interactive simulations; 
  • Understand the importance of Project Planning
  • Main issue related to project execution and Monitoring / Controlling
  • Identify the key critical points in closing a project


Day 1 

  • Introducing to Basic Project Management, Initiating, 5 Process to Project Management, WBS

Day 2 

  • Critical Path, Cost, Project Simulation, Quality, Implementation Process, Monitoring & Controlling (EVM Method)