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MS-Project 2016


By completing this 2 days intensive program, participants will be mastering MS-Project 2016 as Project Management tools, in planning and monitoring their project(s).


    • PROVERRI training module
    • MS-Project 2016 : Step by Step (by Microsoft)


    Day 1:

    • Introduction to MS Project
    • Define Activities, WBS, Dependencies, Task Duration, Lead and Lag
    • Working with base calendars, calendar exceptions, resource calendar
    • Recurring tasks
    • Setting constraints
    • Using the critical path, Free Slack and Total Slack
    • Working with Resources, Create Resource, o Identify Work, Material, Cost Resource
    • Resource Leveling and Smoothing
    • Breaking task to accommodate limited resources
    • Managing Resource Pool

    Day 2:

    • Viewing the plan vs progress
    • Define status of Progress Status
    • Compare % planned vs % actual completion
    •  Traffic Light Indicator Project Performance
    • Managing Program (Consolidate multiple Projects)
    • Link between project in a Program
    • Reporting Structure
    • Customized Report
    • Working with the other application